Alright…a few collecting (and overdue updates).

1)’No Funeral’ is now available in digital format via Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and EMusic. If you’re not into records go grab the files from them. Maybe spend a giftcard or something. Also, if you’re not into buying it from there, you can get it through the much more awesome Communitas Media, which is locally and independantly run. Through Communitas, you can pay WHATEVER YOU WANT for the hi res downloads. We like this site very much, and urge you to download the songs from there if you’re looking to pay for digital downloads. You don’t have to sign up. No one is taking your payment information…all of that is redirected to paypal.

2)A few reviews for the record have been posted, more to follow:
Doomantia: “If this is anything to go by, it will crush posers everywhere.”
Shoot Me Again Webzine (In French):For the moment, the 7″ is going to wear out on the turntable because i’ll play it for a long while…

3)Last but not least…SHOWS:
We’re planning a number of shows the next month. Check the shows section for full details. Here’s a quick rundown of the dates, including a brief NorthEast tour with our friends Isolation from Boston.
Deathbeds + Isolation Mini tour:
Thur 4/1 @ Koopa Troopa Beach; Allston MA.
Fri 4/2 @ El ‘N Gee; New London CT.
Sat 4/3 @ The Charleston; Brooklyn NY.
Mon 4/12 @ The Barbary w/ DOOMRIDERS; Philadelphia PA.
Advance tickets for this show are available HERE

And thats about it for now. Hope to see all of our NorthEast + Local friends in April.
❤ Deathbeds.