Upcoming shows:

02.07.11 @ Great American Diner (Bensalem PA) w/ Snake Road, The Claw, Scareho, Guns of August

-10pm, FREE, All Ages
-2900 Street Road

02.19.11 @ Savage Rock (Blackwood NJ) w/ Hollenlarm, Sadgiqacea, Cadaveric Spasm

-7pm, $5, All Ages
-7 S Black Horse Pike Blackwood NJ

03.05.11 @ Savage Rock (Blackwood NJ) Fest w/ Mose Giganticus, Hulk Smash, Bubonic Bear, Sadgiqacea, etc

-All Day. We will play after 6pm. $5-10
-7 S Black Horse Pike Blackwood NJ

03.23.11 @ Siren Records (Doylestown PA) w/ Meek Is Murder, Full Of Hell, Nap Takers

-7pm, $10, All Ages

04.02.11 @ The Barbary (Philly) w/ Nails, All Pigs Must Die, Burning Love, New Lows

-3pm Matinee, $12, All Ages
-951 Frankford Ave

04.09.11 @ The Test Tube (Deptford NJ) w/ Takehold, Fight Amp, Ladder Devils, Holy Hour

-6pm, $10, All Ages
-Deptford NJ, 1450 Clements Bridge Rd

Previous show history

-01.29.11 @ The Boneyard (Atlantic City NJ) w/ Planning For Burial, Sadgiqacea, Bubonic Bear, Gloom Beam
-01.13.11 @ Mojo 13 (Wilmington DE) w/ Questioner, Snake Road, A Fucking Elephant
-01.03.11 @ The Bordello (Philly) w/ Weekend Nachos, Backslider, Amputee
-12.14.10 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philly) w/ Ape!, Company Corvette
-12.10.10 @ Sats Club (Philly) w/ Snake Road, Ladder Devils, Hazards, Quiet Arcs
-11.15.10 @ M Room (Philly) w/ Snake Road, Sadgiqacea, Deceiverion
-10.24.10 @ JRs Bar (Philly) w/ Ramming Speed, Abserdo, Coffin Dust
-09.26.10 @ MillCreek Tavern (Philly) w/ Cough, Sadgiqacea, Hollenlarm
-09.16.10 @ The Acheron (Brooklyn, NY) w/ The Body, Bad Dream
-09.02.10 @ NorthStar Bar (Philly) w/ Today Is The Day, Towers, Bubonic Bear
-08.01.10 @ The Nerd Palace (Northfield NJ) w/ Jumpercable, Neighborhoods
-07.23.10 @ Savage Rock School (Blackwood NJ) w/ Sadgiqacea, Breathe Heavy, The Visions Of, The Whitest Polar Bar
-07.16.10 @ M Room (Philly) w/ Salome, Landmine Marathon, Early Graves, The Funeral Pyre, Cadaveric Spasm
-07.14.10 @ Barbary (Philly) w/ Magrudergrind, Mammoth Grinder, Coke Bust
-05.15.10 @ Broad St Ministry (Philly) w/ Abominable Iron Sloth, Halo of Snakes, Alarmcaster, Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels, Distress Signal
-04.30.10 @ Mill Creek Tavern (Philly) w/ The Green Evening Requiem, Dirt Worshipper, Gwnbleidd
-04.12.10 @ Barbary (Philly) w/ Doomriders, Snake Sustaine, Towers
-04.09.10 @ JRs Bar (Philly) w/ Bubonic Bear, Haethan, Unstoppable Death Machines
-04.03.10 @ The Charleston (Brooklyn NY) w/ Isolation, Easter, Concussion, Troublemaker
-04.02.10 @ Eclectic (New London CT) w/ Isolation
-04.02.10 @ El N Gee (New London CT) w/ Isolation, David Carradine, Anisette, Defective Fiction
-04.01.10 @ Koopa Troopa Beach (Allston MA) w/ Isolation, Abomination, Coerced
-03.19.10 @ JRs (Philly) w/ Alarmcaster, Awjita, Rogue House
-02.04.10 @ The M Room (Philly) w/ Ganon, Ominous Black, Dutchguts
-01.18.10 @ Sidebar Tavern (Baltimore MD) w/ Bubonic Bear, Gnarly Rueage, Mind As Prison, Destined For Nothing
-01.17.10 @ 3rd St Co Op (Washington DC) w/ Bubonic Bear, Broken Bodies, Enchida, Bookworm
-01.09.10 @ Asbury Lanes (Asbury Park NJ) w/ Jucifer, Salome, The Holy Company
-01.08.10 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia PA) w/ Jucifer, Salome (‘No Funeral’ record release)
-11.29.09 @ M Room (Philadelphia PA) w/ Ominous Black, Nassau Chainsaw, Vulcan, Thrasher
-11.05.09 @ Richland House (Richland NJ) w/ Defeater, Prophet Said I, History
-10.26.09 @ Khyber (Philadelphia PA) w/ Knife the Glitter, Biclops
-10.24.09 @ Wounded Healer (Pitman NJ) w/ Defeater, My Turn To Win, Prophet Said I, Outlast, About Face (shut down early)
-08.30.09 @ Rusty Nail (Ardmore PA) w/ Rogue House, Invasive Command, Old Head
-08.29.09 @ Richland House (Richland NJ) w/ Prophet Said I, Isolation, FSOD
-08.16.09 @ Mojo 13 (Wilmington DE) w/ One Ton Tit
-07.22.09 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia PA) w/ Bloody Panda, Woe
-06.27.09 @ M Room (Philadelphia PA) w/ Lord Mantis, Wetnurse, Spectral Empire (first show w/ Chris)
-05.08.09 @ Wood Lanes (Pilesgrove NJ) w/ Cut It Out, Doomsday Machine Schematic, Hoodratz, Build Us Rebuild Us, I’d Rather Be Dead (last show w/ Dario)
-03.20.09 @ Mill Creek Tavern (Philadelphia PA) w/ Jail., Negative Reaction, Bubonic Bear
-03.13.09 @ Le Grande Fromage (Atlantic City NJ) w/ The Challenged, The Mad Splatter, Hoodratz
-01.16.09 @ Mill Creek Tavern (Philadelphia PA) w/ Tombs, Bastard Sapling, Gholas
-12.08.08 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia PA) w/ Nachtmystium, Woe
-11.01.08 @ Khyber (Philadelphia PA) w/ Murderkill 100, ?
-10.25.08 @ Mr Roboto Project (Pittsburgh PA) w/ Dark Castle, Salo
-10.23.08 @ The Cellar (Philadelphia PA) w/ Dark Castle, Bubonic Bear
-06.15.08 @ Siren Records (Doylestown PA) w/ Backstabbers Inc, Passion, No People (first show)