While you wait patiently for the full version of our ‘No Funeral’ 7inch (pre orders up this week…and did I mention record release show on Jan 8th?), you can purchase the high quality mp3s right now. Through our friends at Communitas Media, we’ve uploaded both ‘No Funeral’ and ‘Deathbeds’ for your downloading pleasure. Both are high-quality v0 rips and 100% DRM free. You pay what you want for the albums – as little or as much. The direct links are available on our music page. Thats it for now but details on pre-orders, cover art, maybe some more shows, etc will be posted real soon. And if you weren’t aware you can preview two of the tracks, as well as some older ones, on our Myspace page.



We’re really bad at bringing these to shows. So we have some left. For those that don’t know: these were the first batch of test presses which sounded pretty bad. But we got 30 of them…so what to do? How about package them up with a CD and special art and sell them? Awesome. So yeah…even if the record doesn’t sound so hot the CD sounds rad. And this may be the only time that No Funeral is ever pressed on CD (though it may come out on cassette). So grab them while you can. Until we get some sort of better store set up, email us at deathbedsbooking@gmail.com on how to set up Paypal/meetup/etc to pick one of these up. Pic below of what is included.


So we know its been a long time coming and I just want to thank everyone for their patience. Countless delays of vacations, rejected test presses, waiting on art, changing pressing plants, general band member laziness, etc, etc has caused our record to come out a few months later than we had originally hoped but we’re almost there. Here’s where we are at:

Test Presses: Approved through United Record Pressing.
Jackets: In process through 4D Printing(?).
Free Download codes to come with the record.: Ready.
Pay what you want download through Communitas: Next week?
Pay what they want download through Itunes/Amazon/etc: January.

Now we just need to get everything together and assembled. And again – Huge huge thanks to Spencer from Young Lungs Ltd. for making this all possible. At the very latest we should have all of these for our record release show which is January 8th, 2010. Please note the early start time for the show. It will start on time (or so I’m told) and we play first. And I’ll leave off our first foray into the exciting world of blogging with the full info for the show. Check back semi-regularly for more updates/pictures of the records, show info, news about whatever.


Friday January 8th, 2010 @ Kungfu Necktie

2015 Front St, Philadelphia PA
7pm. 21+. $10

JUCIFER (Relapse Records)
SALOME (Profound Lore/Vendetta)